Monday, March 11, 2013

50 things you might hate about me. TAG YOU!!

Assalamualaikum! Salam 1 Malaysia!!

Well hello there fellow mortals! Doing good today? I hope so because lucky you, I am sooooo sleepy right now that if I am not kissing my boss' assess trying to continue my contract I would be snoring right now (yes, I do snore, apparently, according to my adik).

Since this is the only SNS (that's social networking sites) that is not blocked by my employer, I decided to write something today, or else I will turn into a crazy young-hot women (ignore please).

Last night, I was youtube-ing, watching stupid random videos that does not in any way contributed to the development of my brain (which have not been developed for a while now, i just realized) and I came across this stupid 50 facts about me video tag. and I am stupid so I decided to join in the "craze" bak kata org muda skang. and since I am too shy and too self-conscious to show my ugly face on youtube, I will write instead. (btw, I am currently acting, u know with files all over my desk konon2 buat kerja so that org yg lalu lalang depan bilik I ni akan fikir "Wow, betapa rajinnye budak baru yg agak comel dipandang nih").

This will be a long post, since it is 50 facts, but I might finish it or might not, we'll see. and it will be all about me!!! ALL ABOUT ME!! SO, if you hate me, you can see that X on the right of the this tab, right? click on that and you will forever be free from the hatred. tak start lagi tp dah 4 paragraphs. Sooo let us all hate me.

  3. I really hate politics that i decided that it will be my top 3 facts.
  4. I snore when I am tired or sick.
  5. I don't like to watch thrillers or any scary movies. Especially cite hantu melayu/thailand. but I am trying to watch some now because someone asks me to.
  6. When I watch something, be it a movie, series, dramas, or what have you, I will google it, then I'll google the entire casts. Like a stalker, no?
  7. I have huge crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Remy Ishak and Jack Douglas of jacksfilms.
  8. I like laying down. Baring is the best medication for me. Stress, baring. Lapar, baring, Ngantuk, baring, marah, baring. I will be a happy happy girl if i could lay down the whole day. 
  9. I read. I do read. I know I don't looked like one who reads, whats with the stupid face, but I seriously do read. At night. Sebelum tido Untuk grammar.
  10. I hate hate hate kaki bodek. So right now I am going against my life principal to never kiss anyone's ass. 
  11. I hate lame jokes. 
  12. I hate people who think that they are funny and make stupid jokes all the time and I hate the fact that I have to laugh to the stupid jokes or I might seen as the evil one. 
  13. I wear my wrist watch on my right wrist.
  14. I am right-handed.
  15. I can't roll my tongue, my abah can, both my adik can, my mak can't. oooooo
  16. I have one mixed-angora rabbit, one pure angora rabbit. = I have two rabbits.
  17. I can't wake up easily in the morning. I hate mornings.
  18. My life missions is to buy my parents a house. a cute house for them. and to get married and to be a housewife. a full time housewife.
  19. When I get scared at night, I will cover my self with blanket, hoping no bullets or bombs or people can get to me.
  20. I have a very very bad handwriting. x seghupo perempuan.
  21. I don't like to exercise. I only swim and do a 5-min yoga. (which I don't think can be called yoga, just me stretching around like cats)
  22. I can't lie to my family. I really can't. I will burst out laughing.
  23. When I eat out, I don't like to use my hand. because then my hand will be smelly all day and I don't like that.
  24. I like being spoiled by. 
  25. Ngada2. 
  26. I like to use this one plate when eating at home. Its my plate. and my family can't use that plate. or I will get mad. (refer to fact no 25)
  27. I forget easily.
  28. Slalu lupa jalan even banyak kali lalu.
  29. I shower really really fast. 5 min je. 
  30. I don't like to be alone.
  31. I get bored easily.
  32. I like shoes.
  33. I have low self-esteem
  34. I can cook.
  35. I can bake.
  36. I can sew.
  37. I can crochet.
  38. I can knit.
  39. I am not an expert for fact no 34-38.
  40. I want to go to Egypt and Istanbul.
  41. I want to go to Bora Bora
  42. I can swim.
  43. I love sharks.
  44. I love whales. I think they are a majestic creature. I love them so much that if I read any news about them stranded and die I will cry.
  45. I want to swim with whales (except for orca) and definitely don't want to swim with sharks.
  46. My English is terrible.
  47. My formal Malay is terrible-er.
  48. I don't like gold accessories.
  49. I like big manly cars. Land Rover, Jeep, Hummer, what have you.
  50. Lastly, I am a very very very lazy girl. 
Fuuuuh. That's it. 50. Soo long. If you are reading this, CONGRATULATIONS!! you just found out some more facts to hate me. Even I will hate me after reading this. but I hope you are not. or do you? aaah whateves. I tag you!! pegi buat skang!! haha. Kbye!