Thursday, February 21, 2013

roly poli poli poli poli politics.

hey ho hello fellow mortals.

i am gonna write about  the thing i hated the most in the world; POLITICS!!

with the upcoming Pilihan Raya Umum 13 (PRU13), i've been observing (yes i am observant, despite the i-don't-give-a-fish face) that so many people, had become political analysts. many predictions has been made; the government will change, this party will win, that party will win this area, bla bla bla. sejak bila ntah ramai org malaysia ni jadi pak nujum, I pon x tau. haha

i don't have any problems whatsoever with people voicing out their opinions. but there are these very very VERY radical supporters, no no not radical per say, but very...what's the word ekh? haaaaa enthusiastic, in the most polite way, enthusiastic supporters.

my father is a government servant. i live in putrajaya, the central administration of Malaysia. i live in a government quarters building. i know a lot of my neighbors who are working for the government but still saying this and that about the government. i'm not saying that every government servant should support the government, we are all hypocrites at the end of the day, but, know your place.

we always hear statements like "people will hear your voice", "your opinions do matter", and "speak out". well, know this; all that are BULLS. no one will hear you. your opinions don't matter. your voice certainly is not loud enough. they will still do what they want. unless you are a significant someone, please just please keep your opinions by yourself. I AM NOT INTERESTED in whatever you are saying about politics. i don't like politics, and i don't think i ever will.

you might think "well syira if you don't like politics so much then why would you blog about it?"

here's why,
in my building, there are all these pakcik who for some reasons always lepak and berborak and never went home and they always talk about politics. i usually don't give a rats ass about what they are talking about, but sometimes it goes beyond limit. and i always like, okay pakcik then why don't you be in the parliament and we'll see how good you are then. according to what you are talking about, it seems that you are qualified enough to be the prime minister. talking about all these "changes" that he would make "kalau aku jadi pm". urgh.

i'm not going to say that they are idiots. that's too far and i am a very polite young lady. but moron is the best word to use i think. dah lah everytime aku turun kau pandang aku atas bawah mcm pervert. pastu sprouting nonsense and taking pride in doing so. lagi elok lah kau balik jaga anak bini kau. ni anak terbiar buat jahat merata rata kau sebok ngn politik kau. seriously morons.

and if that is not enough, i got messages. freaking messages to vote for certain party. pffft FREAKING MESSAGES!!

i know my responsibility. i am old enough to vote, I've registered and can't wait to vote. i know who deserve my vote. there is no need to influence me. I'm not gonna change my decision.

people say undi adalah rahsia so i am not going to tell you who i am going to vote for. but i am pro-government. haha.

my name is syahirah and i approve this messages.

one nation emcees pon dh buat lagu psl mengundi. x leh blah.

jgn lupa mengundi pada yang layak. jgn lupa kwajipan pada negara!


dah, bye!