Monday, August 27, 2012

Swimming, The Dos and Donts-Part 3

this is kinda late, but oh wells.

so, in this post, i will give some tips on after the swimming.

oh, before, i really really want to highlight, again, the fact that I AM NOT A PRO SWIMMER.
these tips are just what i usually do when i go swimming. i've been swimming for 10 years and alhamdulillah, have not drown once.

soooo lets go.

1. after you have swam around, cuci2 mata tgk abang2 ensem x pakai baju, then you have to take a shower. so bring all the toiletries you usually use when you take a shower. this is important as to cleanse our body from God-knows-what (some people did not have the consideration untuk membuang dlm toilet). so take a shower.

2. for the ladies, and guys also, REMEMBER to bring your underwear. i sometimes forgot to bring my underwear, and u know how it looks like when you wear baju kering over a wet bra. urgh... embarrassing.

3. u will be very penat lepas berenang2, so be careful if you have to drive jauh. sangat penat since dh guna our entire body. so be very careful.

i think thats it. quite short. kenapa kene buat separate post pon x tahu. haha

lastly, i urge you to go swim. it is a very very healthy activity. for girls, you would want to have a killer S line body and swimming really help you achieved that. and for guys, the abs. *tergatal pulak

swimming also gives you a healthy lung. even for a heavy smoker. my father smokes and he counter the bads from smoking with swimming. Alhamdulillah he also can jog 10 kilometeres, no problem.

so, that's it. happy swimming. =D
*sesape yg tgl kat putrajaya, if you ever see me at any pools, tp usually kat precint 6, please jangan tegur. saya pemalu. haha