Monday, May 21, 2012

Swimming, The Dos and Donts-Part 1

Hi guys. It’s been a while eh? Well its just that me and my pets, the lazy bugs, we are buddies now.

So, I've been hearing/watching this ad on tv1 about the importance of sports. it might be cheesy and lame, since its tv1, but it’s a good thing to think about. Sports is really, really important. And this is coming from me who don't even like to walk to the kitchen to get something to eat. But, i think everyone has their own favorite sports, and for me, i like to swim.

So, for today's post, I'm gonna give some tips for when you are going swimming. Now, i am not a pro-swimmer (or else I’ll be training for the Olympic now), but i do have been swimming since i can remember. But, you guys can not follow my....let me just call it "guidelines".

Okay, first off, let me just tell you guys that swimming IS NOT THAT SCARY. i know that feeling of you might drown every time, but you're not going to, if you do it correctly, except if that is Allah's will and no one can fight that. You don't have to know every swimming style there is to go, at least once a week, to the nearest pool, to exercise. it’s all about the intention. Like me, I’ve been swimming for like, i don’t know, 10 years now, but i only know how to swim free style. I’m learning chest stroke now, and while it is the easiest, i just don’t like that style that much. And don’t even let me start on the hardest of them all, the butterfly stroke. urghh.

Well, i think I’ve rambled on so much now. Let’s get to it. These tips will be in three parts, since there are so many to talk about. And this is part one.

For newbies, the first think that you guys have to know about swimming is that you are just going into the water. There’s nothing to be scared of. Especially in swimming pools. No sharks, no currents, only, you know, you, the water and maybe few dudes who would want to get your attention. 


1.      Every time you're going swimming, MAKE SURE that you are NOT GOING ALONE. Particularly the girls. and DON'T ever think about going to a secluded place, where there are no one around, so that you can, "do activities" with only your boyfriend or girlfriend (well, it’s different if your bf is a navy seal, or a pro swimmer, but i still wouldn't recommend it). Especially seas and rivers. Trust me, there's nothing good can come out of it, except if you like syphilis.

2.      MAKE SURE that the place that you are going swimming, have lifeguards. Those lifeguards are not there just to exhibit their abs and get tan. They are paid to be there if something happened to us. For girls, do not freak out if the lifeguard is not handsome, or they are "gatal" with you, because they might be the one who would do CPR to you. I know one pool that has the cutest lifeguard ever. Precint 6 swimming pool. Hihi

3.      Dress code. Okay, so, currently, all swimming pools have this dress code that made you wear swimming suit unconditionally. IT IS NOT that they want to see your curves or body in those tight-fitted clothes. It’s just that it is safer to dress that way. Because it is lighter, it does not have much fabrics and thingies like buttons, zippers, etc, and the chances of your clothes ripping are really low, since the suits have the least seams possible. So just follow the rule, except if you have your own pool. U can swim naked for all i care. And for the rivers or seas, just wear clothes with least thingies (mentioned above) possible. And goggles. Hmm, let me just say it upfront, i rarely wear goggles. It’s just that it is better to just swim with your eyes open. But that is me. If you want to wear it, by all means, go ahead.

4.      Okay, before you step into the pool, stretch a little. ESPECIALLY your legs. or you will get crammed, and you can drown. Just a few stretches, like u usually do before you start any exercise. After you stretch, it is best if you wet yourself first. Oh my god, did that just sounded dirty? Well I’m sorry, what i meant is that at every pool, they will have these shower heads, right? So just wet yourself, like how you shower, but not like how you would do it at home. God no. just for your clothes to be wet. This is what i always do; it’s like tradition for me. And oh, this one is very IMPORTANT! PLEASE go to the toilet, and empty your bladder before and every time you want to go. DON'T EVER do "it" in the pool. it is DISGUSTING, and GROSS. If you don't want to swim in someone else's urine, than other people wouldn't want to swim in yours. So observe your manners. Be responsible.

That’s it for tonight. I will post part 2 tomorrow. =D