Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Kau amek history? ade future ke nanti??!"


i've heard the above statement like 5 million times now (okay, exaggerate) but from the moment i decided to major in history, people always like look down on us, history majors.

history is hard, everyone.
history deals with facts, and can u mess with facts?? i think not!

we re not only study dead people, FYI.(yes, im talking to you Sir Rashid Moten)
we study medicine, laws, psychology, geography, engineering, architecture, economy, politics, the list is endless people! you name it, we study it.

havent you all heard of that??
history in high school is boring, i know, i thought the same.
but history in university level is a different kind of thing.

and i think the best decision i've made is to major in history.

and history students DO have future.
histories are everywhere. we can just pick a place and study that place. can u?

and i can assure you, we are in no way less smarter than you are.

by the by, hows that piled up assignments coming? because us history students sure don't have that many assignments. that's how laid back we are.

histories are fun, people. its just you who make it sound boring.

“History is written by the victors.” - Winston Churchill