Friday, March 16, 2012

mid semester check

i dont know about other universitas, but here in uia, we are approaching our mid break, meaning its been half a semester since we re-admitted back in February.

so, maybe this could be a half-semester report?

ive been staying at mahallah (that's hostel for you non-uiaans) safiyyah from the first semester at Gombak. Ive been loving my rooms (we change room every academic year), but this semester..not so much. I'm living at the first floor, which full with these first years that doesn't know how to respect a senior. its not that i demand respect, but....sigh, these ignorants should know better.

I'm taking 5 subjects this semester. sikit kan? thats why lambat grad. bukan sbb fail memanjang ek..

I'm taking Indonesian History dengan mdm Suhana. so far, it is going well, except i lost 5 marks sbb x datang class, my fault. lg satu Islamic Civilization also dengan madam Suhana. sbb madam sgt cool, jadi no problem at all dngn both her classes.

lagi satu Colonialism in the Muslim World, dengan our renown historian, Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim. well, die ok je, masalahnye x dek lgsong cite pasal colonialism. x habis2 pasal hang jebat, hang tuah, malaysia, malaysia, malaysia. nk dekat separuh semester, notes yang aku dapat 3 page je baru kot. lain sume mere information. risau tau.

lagi satu, History of United States dengan my fav; Sir Kopanski. sume org yang belum amek U.S lega bile sir rahman tang pindah and Kopanski took over. memang best. biasela, movies memanjang.

lagi satu ni, English for Academic Writing. *sigh*
x tau nak cakap camne. kene buat research paper. pastu madam sume mende nak reject. penat ah nak layan.. kalu fail paper ni, memang x terkejut lah.

ni ade lagi separuh sem to go. penat la belajar.

untuk yang x focus bila blajar.