Monday, August 27, 2012

Swimming, The Dos and Donts-Part 3

this is kinda late, but oh wells.

so, in this post, i will give some tips on after the swimming.

oh, before, i really really want to highlight, again, the fact that I AM NOT A PRO SWIMMER.
these tips are just what i usually do when i go swimming. i've been swimming for 10 years and alhamdulillah, have not drown once.

soooo lets go.

1. after you have swam around, cuci2 mata tgk abang2 ensem x pakai baju, then you have to take a shower. so bring all the toiletries you usually use when you take a shower. this is important as to cleanse our body from God-knows-what (some people did not have the consideration untuk membuang dlm toilet). so take a shower.

2. for the ladies, and guys also, REMEMBER to bring your underwear. i sometimes forgot to bring my underwear, and u know how it looks like when you wear baju kering over a wet bra. urgh... embarrassing.

3. u will be very penat lepas berenang2, so be careful if you have to drive jauh. sangat penat since dh guna our entire body. so be very careful.

i think thats it. quite short. kenapa kene buat separate post pon x tahu. haha

lastly, i urge you to go swim. it is a very very healthy activity. for girls, you would want to have a killer S line body and swimming really help you achieved that. and for guys, the abs. *tergatal pulak

swimming also gives you a healthy lung. even for a heavy smoker. my father smokes and he counter the bads from smoking with swimming. Alhamdulillah he also can jog 10 kilometeres, no problem.

so, that's it. happy swimming. =D
*sesape yg tgl kat putrajaya, if you ever see me at any pools, tp usually kat precint 6, please jangan tegur. saya pemalu. haha

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Swimming, The Dos and Donts-Part 2

well, so much for tomorrow huh?
its 3 months later, proving how lazy i am these days.

this is part 2 of my guidelines on swimming, if you haven't checked part 1, you can go HERE.

this part will mainly be on the subject of WHEN YOU ARE IN THE WATER. the first part is before you are going in the water, so this is while you are in the water. (did i just repeat 'in the water' like a million times?)

lets get to it.

1. okay, after you "wet" yourself, you can go into the water right after. for beginners, it is better to use the "ladders". usually they have it like on every side of the pool. so, if you are scared, enter slowly. usually pools have tilted floor. it usually starts shallow, then goes deeper at the end. the deepest public pools' depth is 8 meter. start on the shallower side first. its the same thing with seas and rivers. ALWAYS starts on the shallower area, then work your way into the deeper area. usually, after i entered the swimming pool, i do a breathing exercise. i don't know if this is the official breathing exercise for swimmers, but it helps, A LOT. the exercise is easy. you hold on to the side of the pool, let only your head above the water, then take a deep breath using your mouth, then you dip your head and breath out using your nose, in the water.then you arise and take a breath using your mouth, and dip your head and breath out using your nose. i hope you can understand this, and you can repeat that for as many times as you want.

2. if you are a beginner, NEVER go beyond your height. if you cannot feel the surface, or the floor with your sole, don't attempt to go deeper. go back to the shallower area, since you can start panicking and it can lead to drowning. but, if you like already "terbabas", DO NOT panic. STAY CALM. first, you have to know where you are and which way leads to the shallower area. then, you turn to that way, and start hopping. like a kangaroo do. start hopping forward, pop your head out of the water to take a breath. and insyaAllah, you will make your way to the shallower end of the area. but if, you are feeling that you are going deeper, and you cannot hop anymore, then still stay calm, and jump. jump as high as you could to grab the attention of the lifeguard, or anyone. jump and shout HELP!. or, you can make a signal with you hand if you cannot pop up your head. you clap as loud as you could, and make like drowning gestures with your hand. that's why it is VERY IMPORTANT to go swimming where there are lifeguards.

3. while swimming, also be very alert. since there are other people swimming, you have to watch where you are going, or you can crash into a stranger and get embarrassed, or worse, drown. so be alert at all times. since some people are ignorant, you have to be the one that is alert.

4. girls, u should be careful of your body. this is also the place where some perverts take advantage. someone slap my butt one time, and i don't know who to point, since there are many people. so BE CAREFUL.

5. if you are in any way feeling tired, stop swimming, go to the side and just relax. you can do the exercise i mentioned above. or, you can just sit there and relax. there are no rush in swimming, except when you are in a competition, obviously lah kan. haha.

i think that's it. or i just went into a mental block state. if there is anything more to tell, i'll update later.

stay tune to part 3. =D

Monday, May 21, 2012

Swimming, The Dos and Donts-Part 1

Hi guys. It’s been a while eh? Well its just that me and my pets, the lazy bugs, we are buddies now.

So, I've been hearing/watching this ad on tv1 about the importance of sports. it might be cheesy and lame, since its tv1, but it’s a good thing to think about. Sports is really, really important. And this is coming from me who don't even like to walk to the kitchen to get something to eat. But, i think everyone has their own favorite sports, and for me, i like to swim.

So, for today's post, I'm gonna give some tips for when you are going swimming. Now, i am not a pro-swimmer (or else I’ll be training for the Olympic now), but i do have been swimming since i can remember. But, you guys can not follow my....let me just call it "guidelines".

Okay, first off, let me just tell you guys that swimming IS NOT THAT SCARY. i know that feeling of you might drown every time, but you're not going to, if you do it correctly, except if that is Allah's will and no one can fight that. You don't have to know every swimming style there is to go, at least once a week, to the nearest pool, to exercise. it’s all about the intention. Like me, I’ve been swimming for like, i don’t know, 10 years now, but i only know how to swim free style. I’m learning chest stroke now, and while it is the easiest, i just don’t like that style that much. And don’t even let me start on the hardest of them all, the butterfly stroke. urghh.

Well, i think I’ve rambled on so much now. Let’s get to it. These tips will be in three parts, since there are so many to talk about. And this is part one.

For newbies, the first think that you guys have to know about swimming is that you are just going into the water. There’s nothing to be scared of. Especially in swimming pools. No sharks, no currents, only, you know, you, the water and maybe few dudes who would want to get your attention. 


1.      Every time you're going swimming, MAKE SURE that you are NOT GOING ALONE. Particularly the girls. and DON'T ever think about going to a secluded place, where there are no one around, so that you can, "do activities" with only your boyfriend or girlfriend (well, it’s different if your bf is a navy seal, or a pro swimmer, but i still wouldn't recommend it). Especially seas and rivers. Trust me, there's nothing good can come out of it, except if you like syphilis.

2.      MAKE SURE that the place that you are going swimming, have lifeguards. Those lifeguards are not there just to exhibit their abs and get tan. They are paid to be there if something happened to us. For girls, do not freak out if the lifeguard is not handsome, or they are "gatal" with you, because they might be the one who would do CPR to you. I know one pool that has the cutest lifeguard ever. Precint 6 swimming pool. Hihi

3.      Dress code. Okay, so, currently, all swimming pools have this dress code that made you wear swimming suit unconditionally. IT IS NOT that they want to see your curves or body in those tight-fitted clothes. It’s just that it is safer to dress that way. Because it is lighter, it does not have much fabrics and thingies like buttons, zippers, etc, and the chances of your clothes ripping are really low, since the suits have the least seams possible. So just follow the rule, except if you have your own pool. U can swim naked for all i care. And for the rivers or seas, just wear clothes with least thingies (mentioned above) possible. And goggles. Hmm, let me just say it upfront, i rarely wear goggles. It’s just that it is better to just swim with your eyes open. But that is me. If you want to wear it, by all means, go ahead.

4.      Okay, before you step into the pool, stretch a little. ESPECIALLY your legs. or you will get crammed, and you can drown. Just a few stretches, like u usually do before you start any exercise. After you stretch, it is best if you wet yourself first. Oh my god, did that just sounded dirty? Well I’m sorry, what i meant is that at every pool, they will have these shower heads, right? So just wet yourself, like how you shower, but not like how you would do it at home. God no. just for your clothes to be wet. This is what i always do; it’s like tradition for me. And oh, this one is very IMPORTANT! PLEASE go to the toilet, and empty your bladder before and every time you want to go. DON'T EVER do "it" in the pool. it is DISGUSTING, and GROSS. If you don't want to swim in someone else's urine, than other people wouldn't want to swim in yours. So observe your manners. Be responsible.

That’s it for tonight. I will post part 2 tomorrow. =D

Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Kau amek history? ade future ke nanti??!"


i've heard the above statement like 5 million times now (okay, exaggerate) but from the moment i decided to major in history, people always like look down on us, history majors.

history is hard, everyone.
history deals with facts, and can u mess with facts?? i think not!

we re not only study dead people, FYI.(yes, im talking to you Sir Rashid Moten)
we study medicine, laws, psychology, geography, engineering, architecture, economy, politics, the list is endless people! you name it, we study it.

havent you all heard of that??
history in high school is boring, i know, i thought the same.
but history in university level is a different kind of thing.

and i think the best decision i've made is to major in history.

and history students DO have future.
histories are everywhere. we can just pick a place and study that place. can u?

and i can assure you, we are in no way less smarter than you are.

by the by, hows that piled up assignments coming? because us history students sure don't have that many assignments. that's how laid back we are.

histories are fun, people. its just you who make it sound boring.

“History is written by the victors.” - Winston Churchill

Friday, March 30, 2012

"along bila nak kawin??!!"

scene 1

aku sedang tengok gamba wedding kawan kat facebook. cue icah (bdk pompan usia 3 tahun)

icah: cantiknye.. sape kawin ni long?
aku: kawan along..
icah: oohh.. cantiknye.. along bile nak kawin?
aku: hah? lambat lg laahh.. along boyfriend pon x de ni, camne nak kawin??
icah: cariklah.
aku: nak carik kat mana??
icah: kat precint 8 ade baaaaanyaaaak boyfriend.
aku: haha haha haha hmmmm...

scene 2

sedang berbaring kt ruang tamu, lepak tgk tv. cue jannah (bdk pompan umur 5)

jannah: mak! bila along nak kawin??!!
mak: mana mak tahu. die x de boyfriend lagi. jannah carikkan lah.
jannah: mana jannah retiii...
aku: haha haha haha hmmm

scene 3

abah baru balik dari kerja. sambil bawak kad kawin.

abah: mak, kawan abah anak die nak kawin, ni die jemput ni ha
mak: hah, kawan abah anak sume nak kawin. anak kita bile pulak?
abah: along, bile nak kawin??
aku: haha haha haha hmmm

scene 4

dirumah toksu, nak bagi tahu adik bakal bertunang (cite dulu, skang x jadi dah)

abah: ni ha, si idah(adik) insyaAllah, nk tunang bulan 4 ni..
toksu: eloklah tu. tapi langkah bendol tu.
aku: x pela tok, ct(aku) dapat lah barang nanti
adik sedara: kaklong, bile nak kawin??
aku: haha haha haha hmmm..

sedih pon ade, speechless pon ade, rasa nak tumbuk pon ada.

aku kalu ade jodoh, skang gak aku boleh kawin, sbb nak dpt anak cepat2 and x payah nak susah2 jaga anak bila dh tua, mcm mak aku.

Friday, March 16, 2012

mid semester check

i dont know about other universitas, but here in uia, we are approaching our mid break, meaning its been half a semester since we re-admitted back in February.

so, maybe this could be a half-semester report?

ive been staying at mahallah (that's hostel for you non-uiaans) safiyyah from the first semester at Gombak. Ive been loving my rooms (we change room every academic year), but this semester..not so much. I'm living at the first floor, which full with these first years that doesn't know how to respect a senior. its not that i demand respect, but....sigh, these ignorants should know better.

I'm taking 5 subjects this semester. sikit kan? thats why lambat grad. bukan sbb fail memanjang ek..

I'm taking Indonesian History dengan mdm Suhana. so far, it is going well, except i lost 5 marks sbb x datang class, my fault. lg satu Islamic Civilization also dengan madam Suhana. sbb madam sgt cool, jadi no problem at all dngn both her classes.

lagi satu Colonialism in the Muslim World, dengan our renown historian, Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim. well, die ok je, masalahnye x dek lgsong cite pasal colonialism. x habis2 pasal hang jebat, hang tuah, malaysia, malaysia, malaysia. nk dekat separuh semester, notes yang aku dapat 3 page je baru kot. lain sume mere information. risau tau.

lagi satu, History of United States dengan my fav; Sir Kopanski. sume org yang belum amek U.S lega bile sir rahman tang pindah and Kopanski took over. memang best. biasela, movies memanjang.

lagi satu ni, English for Academic Writing. *sigh*
x tau nak cakap camne. kene buat research paper. pastu madam sume mende nak reject. penat ah nak layan.. kalu fail paper ni, memang x terkejut lah.

ni ade lagi separuh sem to go. penat la belajar.

untuk yang x focus bila blajar.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

posto posto

feel like posting something but too lazy to type.