Thursday, July 14, 2011

go ahead and leave me out and I'll lay your shit bare

its cool to be around "your people" innit?
its too hard to ask me if i ever want to join kan?
i never needed you guys to be alive, I'm sure as hell don't need you guys now.
whateves, just keep looking out for KARMA.
cause i keep hearing that KARMA'S A BITCH!

having best-friends hurt so much, i better have none.

are we still??

Tuesday, July 12, 2011



its my 100th post!! well, mortals, would you look at that.

100 posts! in 3 years....when everyone is now celebrating their 1 millionth post...I'm...I'm...I'm'm not-
okay, lets stop now....

biozip selamat x? sebab my mom has to buy it later...

...for my brother!!
yes, my baby brother is enlisted for PLKN, which is an awesome program for teens and it teaches valuable lessons that can be use throughout life and I'm really sad that i don't have the chance to go.....NOT!

im dreaded with PLKN. when it was my batch to be enlisted to go to PLKN, i cried my eyes out hoping i WILL not be enlisted. would you imagine how relieved i am when the text came with "MAAF" in the beginning??!! oh, feels like it was my birthday. ahaha

anyways, we already figured as much my brother would be enlisted since me and my sister didn't get enlisted, so..

well, its great for my brother, i guess. he never ever did his own laundry, iron his own school uniforms, so we're excited to see IF he can cope up with that.

still, we are hoping he would get into a nearer camp so we can visit him all the time, he IS annoying sometimes, but, he is still my baby brother, aight?


the song is can i resist?? =D

Sunday, June 5, 2011

book reviews.

first of all, let me tell you that i'm not a big reader, im just a normal teenage girl who read only romantic books and giggles and cried when i am reading and sometimes i also read spy books (like John Grisham's). so, usually i read about 1 chapter before i went to sleep just so i can improve my English. **yess, i HAVE to make efforts. i am not born in a well-educated family and my mom is far off from the word educated, since she never ever went to school but i love her with all my hearts and she's the reason i am what i am now. eventhough my abah is excellent in English, i still have to learn since we never speaks English at home, like some families would do and i-

okay, and now im rambling, haisyh.

lets move on...

so, since the news that breaks the heart of many middle-class families like mine, that the electricity tariff has been increased by the government, because, lets face it, an election is coming, so my abah has introduce a new regulations on spending times on computers since computers is the source of our rapidly increasing electric bills (half of it came from my use) so, i have started to read. not that ive never read before, this time its like a full-time job. and ive been loving every second of it.

so, the first book I've read is the latest installation of the infamous shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. it is called Mini Shopaholic.

for me, i would say that this is just a good way to fill up your time. not in a omigod-its-so-freakin-fantastic-and-i-want-to-finish-it-tonight way, but it is more like well-i-need-to-finish-this-because-i-have-nothing-else-to-do way. its the same old same old annoying Rebecca Bloomword with her shopping addiction and her way of twisting everything and trying to make it all better. im kinda annoyed halfway through and if like that wasn't enough, her spoiled little Minnie which is the mini-her, who screams and points and throwing tantrums every second is turning into her. they will make the best mother-daughter shopaholic combo ever.

the second book Ive read is Can You Keep A Secret, another book by Sophie Kinsella.

well, this is waaayyy better than Mini Shopaholic. people may say its the cliche' love story but i love cliche' love stories. i know this is old news and i am totally late than everyone else but this book is worth to keep. at least i think so. hmm.

the third book is called Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles.

okay, this is the book. THE BOOK!. omigod i love this book so much. i keeps me wanting to read more. and as a result, i got uglayyy eye-bags today due to lack of sleep. i slept around 4 am this morning, and i still cant finished it since my eyes were literally beg me to let them close. and this morning i have to go to Klang to visit relatives, i am practically shivering to come home and continue reading it. its wonderful. and ive read some reviews saying that all books by this author are really good.

so, thats it. i hope IF you read these books, you will be as excited as me. and IF (thats a big-fat if) any of you are interested in downloading any of these books, PM me at my FB and ill post the links.

**and a major sorry to those who are requesting the links to the dramas ive post earlier, i will get to it within this week. not to worry, alright?

wassalam. =D

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Egypt Opens 6 New Tombs, Including King Tut's General

"Egypt's top archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass announced Monday that the county will open a series of new tombs to the public, offering a never-before-seen glimpse of desert life thousands of years ago for the first time ever.

The six new tombs are located in the New Kingdom Cemetery in South Saqqara and include the tomb of Maya, who was the treasurer of King Tut, as well as the tomb of Horemheb, the general of King Tut who later became king.

Maya and Horhemb were very important men during one of Egypt’s most tumultuous periods, the Amarna Period, Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities explained in a press release announcing the opening of the tombs. During this time, the pharaoh Akhenaten closed Egypt’s most important temples in Luxor and moved the capitol to a site in the middle of the desert -- confusingly also called Akhetaten or Tell el-Amarna.

When Akhenaten the man died, his son Tutankhamen moved the religious capitol back to Luxor, reinstated the god Amun and abandoned the new site. To make all of these changes, King Tut needed the assistance of his treasurer and his general.

While his tomb was left unfinished, visitors will now be able to see the mudbrick pylon of Horemheb's tomb with relief fragments and courtyard images of Maya and his wife Merit, who was also buried in the tomb, receiving offerings.

Along with these two famous tombs, four other tombs will also be open to the public:

The tomb of Meryneith, steward of the temple of Aten during the reign of Akhenaten. His tomb is built of mudbrick encased in limestone blocks.

The tomb of Ptahemwia, the “Royal Butler, One of Clean Hands” to both Akhenaten and his son, Tutankhamen. Ptahemwia’s tomb is also mudbrick encased in limestone and contains three chapels. In one of these chapels, archaeologists team found 56 coffins from the New Kingdom.

The tomb of Tia- Tia, one of the top officials under Ramsess II. Tia’s tomb was also used as a mortuary temple to the god Osiris and contains depictions of Tia and his wife making a pilgrimage to Abydos, the cult center of Osiris.

The Tomb of Pay, one of Tutankhamen's men, and his son, Raia.

Some of these tombs were first discovered in 1843 but were not fully excavated until an Anglo-Dutch mission began digging there in 1975. "

** oh, how i WISH i am one of the team.

**just because i am being sexist bored right now.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

what i watch part I

i know its been a long time since the last post. i lead a verry borring and dull life, so nothing interesting to tell..
in this post, i just want to share on what ive been watching and downloading since semester break is like 4 months, and i dont have anything to do except laying around growing my belly (need to shed some of that) sighh~

*early warning: this is gonna be a very colorful, long post. follow through if you are interested in korean dramas, US series, animals, and colors. if not, please divert away~~and also if you dont mind my terrible English.

i will break the post into two; (i) korean stuffs (ii) english and american stuffs. the first part is going to be all about korea..
here we go.

1. Running Man

i love yoo jaesuk. every show he is hosting will be a hit. this is a quite new variety show replacing Family Outing and this is a REALLY funny show. as the name suggest, it basically just these men (plus a newly added girl) who are all celebrities running around chasing each other for the entire night. yes, the entire 12 hours. no sleep, people. no sleep.

2. Infinity Challenge

now, this is a recent show ive been watching for the past couple of months, and oh my god, it really is very very good. it started back in 2005 and the old episodes arent available, but then, most of old series arent. it is an unscripted reality show and it is really funny. i laugh at every second of it and my family started to get annoyed with me. (because of my laugh is really addictive as some might suggest and quite annoying but cute)

3. Happy Together

as some of you might starting to realize, ill admit it now. yes, yoo jae suk is my ultimate bias. i watched every show he's in. for those who subscribed to astro (the expensive package is not needed, the basic one will do), you guys can tune in to KBS World ch 391 every saturday at 11.40 pm. try to watch it.

4. Heroes

this is another variety show ive been watching but it has stopped because of rumored low ratings. but it is said that it will be back for second season. *fingers crossed*

enough with the varieties shows, lets move on to dramas ive been watching.

1. Lie to Me

this is a recent drama by SBS. i love yoon eun hye and that dude, *lazy to google his name*. funny drama.

2. The Greatest Love

this is also a very funny drama. now, look at the third man from left. can u guys believe that he is already 40+ years old? and oh, HE IS the main lead in this drama. not the other cute guy *which im falling in love with*.

these are all korean shows ive been watching as of late. and oh, another one, Night After Night which im in the subbing team, helping with timing the english subtitles. just because DAESUNG is MC-ing, i applied for the timer position. and oh, pleeeaaaasssee support us. go to the forum and register yourself, ok??

thats all for part I of what i watch, we'll meet again in part II, aite?

**some extra notes: IF you guys want any of the download links and english subtitles for any of the above shows, email me at or PM me at my Facebook page at the sidebar (because i disabled my comments option). ill email it to you or post the links in another post. (IF im in the mood).

♥♥♥ this.

bye! =D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

new drugs.

as some of you might know, i am "quite" a traditional malay girl who loves to cook, sew, bake, and anything that normal traditional malay women would do back in the days. my most recent love is crochet and knit. it started during last sem and my roomates can be the witnesses. ive knitted and crocheted several pieces along the way for me and my roomates.

in malaysia, there are limited stores that provide the tools for knitting and crocheting. there is one in bb plaza tapi nak cariknye, masyaAllah, patah kakiku. recently, i found this one online-store that provided all the tools that i need for my new hobbies . murah pon murah. so i ordered 12 pieces in 12 sizes crochet needles.

-the needles-

-a ball of yarn, free-

you must be wondering what ive made so far kan? (perasan lebih).
except for my roomates and my family, x dek sape penah tgk.
so, here there are. =D

-crochet: flowers connected together-

-knitted: phone case *knitted another 3 for my roomates-

-crochet: unfinished granny square-

-crochet: colorful scarf-

-crochet: poms poms-

-crochet: half a pair of mitten. mls nk start the other one. hihi-

-croheted bow with knitted headband-

-crochet: bow-

these are some of what i made. byk lagi, tp x tau mana depa pi. crik x jumpa. hihi.
buat mende ni sume memang best. meditative. korang boleh buat sambil tgk cite sebab die x perlu focus sgt. kene pandai kire je. hakhak.

so, thats it for today. sebab nk start project baru. =D

Sunday, March 6, 2011

update jap

kejap je kan? dh nk maso 4th yr dh akak ko ni..

ritu prereg, fuh, tebaik dari ladang. senyum meleret aku sepanjang hari. sume yg nak aku dapat. jadual memang best gile nak mampos punye. no classes at 8 in the morning, no classes until 7. weehooo....

tapi yg aku aku realize skang kan, makin senior, makin aku malas. siyes. aku memang malas gile skrg. makin mls study, makin malas nk g class, mkin malas nak bgn, yg aku rajin makan jelah. haha

dh nk cuti2 ni, aku tepikir gak nk buat ape, 5 bulan cuti weyh. 5 BULAN!! nak amek short sem, MALAS. lg pon subject major x offer. haisyh

assaimens, presentation sume dh abis. ops, tgl satu assaimen (copying assaimen, to be exact) tp senang je. copy je. pastu tgl quizzes je la...

class korea dh abis. dh boleh fhm sket2 la kalu tgk cite korea tanpe subs. dh boleh bacekorea punye tulisan. hihi. KAMSAHAMNIDA SONSENGNIM!!

tu je la kot update. lg skali, malas gile nk type. haha

Monday, January 24, 2011

cmne x nak bagi terleka sampai x solat (cara aku)

aku slalu terleka main game/ tgk cite sampai terlupe nak solat. x bagus ek? so aku ade beberape cara kalu korang x nak terleka.

bgn subuh memang paling malas skali kan? slalu gak terlajak. untuk memastikan dalam seminggu tu ade gak la 2 3 hari bgn subuh, aku buat cmni; sebelom tido, minum air byk2. aku x taulah korang tp sebab aku penah ade appendics dulu (which the doctor cut some of my bowel, lantas menjadikan usus aku pendek dan menyebabkan aku cepat nk terkucil) so bile aku minum, agak2 kul 6.15, 6.30 camtu aku tros sedar nak terkencing. x boleh tahan kencing, bahaye tuh, so aku bgn g toilet, dh alang2 subuh jela skali kan?

semayang zuhur x slalu skip, tp kekadang ade gak. zuhur skang slalunye masok kol 1.30 kan? so, lepas korang beli makanan, (kalu balik bilik tengahari), korang lapor kan? tanamkan pade diri yang slagi x solat, x leh makan. makin korang lapar, makin cepat la korang settlekan zuhur tu kan? hebat x cara aku? bhahaha. aku tau x leh semayang dlm keadaan lapar, tp kalu dh kenyang lagi malas kan? pada yang x balik bilik sebab ade clas, g masjid. ni aku x leh tolong. tp kalu clas korang abis 3.30, sempat je lagi nak balik semayang. asar masok 4.40 kot..

cara untuk x skip semayang asar ni bgus untuk sume yang kuat/suke/terpaksa (cm aku) tido petang. sebelom tido, selesaikan dlu asar. supaya x terlajak. slalu aku suke tdo kul 5 lebih, sbb class aku kol 5 bru abis. tdo mau mati smpi kol 7 lbih cmtu. musti telajak kan? so aku slalu semayang dlu, bru tdo dgn selesa.

bile dh tdo smpi kol 7 lebih cmtu, bgn, pisat2 mate, korek taik mata sume, g mandi. bile mandi, dh alang2 basah, amek air smayang skali. jap gi masok waktu tros solat. kan senang?

ishak slalu aku smayang sblom tdo. dh kul 12 nih, mate dh x larat nk bukak, main game pon x leh membantu, so bwk2 lah g kencing dlu, alang2 amek air semayang, solat tros. kan hantu x kaco ko mase tdo? kan? kan? hakhak.

tp sebenonye cara yang paling bagus untuk x skip solat is to solat straight lepas dengo azan. x taulah tmpt lain, tp masjid uia ni satu university boleh dengo. senang kan? lepas azan tros solat. x ah ko terleka.

tulah cara aku nk menjadi muslim yang lebih baik (insyaAllah. x baik lagi nih, tgh mencuba menjadi). haha.

Monday, January 17, 2011

tag lagi.

anim bg aku award. kalu bg penyanyi baru tebaik ke, pelakon wanita paling comey ke, best gak. haha. gurau...

1. berikan satu nickname utk saya (pemberi award)
animun. haha

2. berikan ucapan pada pemberi award
saye mengucapkan terima kasih kepada anim yg banyak memberi sokongan dan tag2 supaya blog saye terisi dengan kegembiraan

3. listkan 6 artis/band/group yang anda minat
banyak doh, tp aku suke;
-one republic
-the script
-linkin park
-ingrid michaelson
-new boyz, haha bleh blah. EMINEM!

4. beri award ini pada 10 blogger yang cantik dan cun
korang rase korang cantik? korang rase korang cun? amek award yang x de function nih. haha

anim tag aku...

boring gile, so...
tag datang dari anim;

1 ) Blog best sgt ke x? sebab?
biase je. xla best SANGAT ke ape. tmpt cerita2..

2 ) Layan lagu indon @ org putih?
indon...tgk lagu

3 ) Coklat mana lagi popular? cadbury ke ferrero? sebab suke makan?
aku x suke mkn coklat. tp aku prefer ferrero sbb cadbury pekat sgt.

4 ) Nickname yg bf beri, nama manja?
manja. hakhak. bodo gile. nati aku dh ade bf, aku tanye die.

5 ) Berikan 4 fakta tentang kamu.
-menci justin biebier (x tau spelling betol ke x, sebab aku menci x amek tau)
-suka gila sushi, takoyaki
-pemalas nak mampos punye
-aku suka jam. x tau nape

6 ) Jika ada 50 sen nak beli ape?
-tambah lagi 4 ringgit aku beli takoyaki, tambah lagi 3 ringgit aku beli sushi

7 ) Siapakah 4 org yg paling kamu syg?
abah, mak, syida, amat

8 ) Tag utk 6 org yg kamu syg, blog yg kamu rase cantek!
sape rase blog die cantek, rebut cepat. haha

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


sebab skang aku tgh ade mood nak menaip, aku pon byk ah update. kalu x, mau masam blog nih.

bru dpt saimen kopanski smalam, memang tebaik. die bagi sorang about 20 pages of a book, and we just have to type it back in the computer. for he will compile it and make a textbook for the subject. so for those who will be taking History of Ayyubids and Mamluks in the future, know that it is us who make your textbook. haha. and he said that he will give lots of marks for this simple asaimen. when i said lots, really it is lots. die kate nk bg 17/20 kot? x tau lah. tp die ni kalu dtg the last class at the end of semester pon bagi 9/10. memang favourite lecturer. sayang kopanski.

pastu pastu cm ade plan nk g sunway lagoon. nak buat bungee jumping bai... x sabo aku. tapi bapaku ckp kalu aku buat bungee jumping nati cord die tu x nak melantun balik, sebab berat aku. boleh x? haha tp takot gak kalu betol2 terjadi nati.

tangan kanan aku ni sebok tgh gatai. nak dapat duit lah tu. haha.

atikah tgh sebok amek lesen, good luck.

aku sedor satu fact arini; JANGAN PECAYA KALU SOMEONE KATE KO LA BESTFRIEND DIE. sebab nati ko yang sakit. siyes. aku pon dh mls nak ber bestfriend. close friends ramai, bestfriend aku x hingin. sebab dah kene byk kali maybe sebab aku ni baik sgt kot? (perasan diri)

aku tgh blaja korean skang, bru dua minggu, x hebat mane ah, tp dh boleh bace korean. hihi =D

jap gi ade clas arshad islam (name lecturer, bkn subject) name subject die Islah and Tajdid movements. sumpah boring gile. naseb aku kecik, dok blakang2 denga lagu lukis peta. memang tebaik.

tgh crik material untuk tuts download. saba jap ek? x dek mase skang. im busy, man (try accent jamaican)

classmates aku sem ni sume muke same je. mcm reunion. nyampah gile. x dek variety membuatkan aku x dek mood nk g clas. bdk2 lelaki dprtmnt history 2,3 je yang boleh tahan. sedih aku

dah ah, jam menunjukkan kol 11.15, aku kene g clas sebab hampir2 nk dpt warning letter ni. haisyh. bye.

Monday, January 3, 2011


arini dh 3hb. dh. lmbt sket nak cite pasal new year. bdk2 pon dh g skola balik.
aku tgk sane sini org cite pasal resolutions, jap, ko punye resolutions yang tahun tahun tahun tahun tahun lepas tuh dh ko capai ke? aku rase x.. so aku x nak la buat byk2 sgt resolutions yang aku rase aku x leh nk buat. dulu bodo gile, org buat resolution, aku pon nk ade gak, x nak kalah. tp semenjak dh mencapai umur boleh mengundi ni aku dh mls nk aim mende2 yang aku x leh nk dapat, contohnye:

1. x skip classes.
-ni MEMANG aku x leh nak buat. gile ko. aku ni master dlm skip classes. orang yang buat resolution x nak skip classes is a pretty little liar. ko musti akan skip class at some point, come on lah.

2. nak dapat 4.00
-ni lagila, mimpi pon x kan dapat. bkn aku x yakin diri, tp aku memang x percaya aku boleh dpt. so x payah la nak pasang angan angan nak dpt 4.00 kalu ko nye cgpa skang pon bru 2.8 (bkn cgpa aku). haha

3. nak kurus.
-aku bkn nak belagak ke ape kan, tp ni aku memang boleh dpt. exercise sikit, turun bekilo kilo. so skang aku nak aim bru, tambah berat supaya boleh menderma darah. dh penat isi forms, pastu setiap kali timbang, kene halau. bodo gile. timbang kat umah, dh boleh, nak kene campak dlam jamban scale tu. tapi susah oh nak mencapai aim ni sebab maybe kadar metabolisme (btol ke) aku tinggi kot? x tau la mak.

4. nak dapat boyfriend.
-ni aim bodo gile untuk org desperate gila babas. aku mcm x nk kawin, so x pyhla aku nak aim nk dpt boyfriend. lagipon lambakan lelaki yang x leh pakai semakin byk (aku x kate ko, jgn terasa). sesetengah org yang psng resolution nak dapatkan boyfriend within a year dapat mencapainye, tp kalu ko dh tedesak, main tgkap muat je, ape yg dtg amek, nak buat ape? kalu beguna x pe lah. ni kalu dapt yang x beguna mcm jantan x guna dlm soat kabo tu nk buat ape? buat abis air mata je, dh ah bdn x cukup air, kang x pasal pasal mati dehydrated plak.

5. nak bejimat.
-ni aku memang x leh nak buat. duit aku mengalir cm air laut mase tsunami dlu. deras dan laju tanpe rase besalah. duit aku byak abis kat makan. aku kalu mknn x kesah abis beratus. pastu aku abis kat adik aku, amat. nak cap, beli, nak mkn, beli. nak pegi sane sini aku isi minyak, so abis cmtu je. lagi sebulan nk abis sem, duit pt dh x tau g mane. last2 ke bank PAMA jgak aku cucukkan. haha

tp ade gak certain goals aku rase boleh dapt. cam blaja korean, dtg class regularly, blaja masak, blaja mengait, (oh, aku baru je siap first scarf yang aku kait. nati aku upload gambo) dll. tp aku x kan listkan sebab aku takot x tercapai within this year. macammanepon, insyaAllah aku nak jadi org yang lebih baik. hihi.

so, to all, happy new year and may all of u have a blast and may Allah bless y0u all. =D