Tuesday, July 12, 2011

biozip selamat x? sebab my mom has to buy it later...

...for my brother!!
yes, my baby brother is enlisted for PLKN, which is an awesome program for teens and it teaches valuable lessons that can be use throughout life and I'm really sad that i don't have the chance to go.....NOT!

im dreaded with PLKN. when it was my batch to be enlisted to go to PLKN, i cried my eyes out hoping i WILL not be enlisted. would you imagine how relieved i am when the text came with "MAAF" in the beginning??!! oh, feels like it was my birthday. ahaha

anyways, we already figured as much my brother would be enlisted since me and my sister didn't get enlisted, so..

well, its great for my brother, i guess. he never ever did his own laundry, iron his own school uniforms, so we're excited to see IF he can cope up with that.

still, we are hoping he would get into a nearer camp so we can visit him all the time, he IS annoying sometimes, but, he is still my baby brother, aight?


the song is catchy...how can i resist?? =D