Sunday, June 5, 2011

book reviews.

first of all, let me tell you that i'm not a big reader, im just a normal teenage girl who read only romantic books and giggles and cried when i am reading and sometimes i also read spy books (like John Grisham's). so, usually i read about 1 chapter before i went to sleep just so i can improve my English. **yess, i HAVE to make efforts. i am not born in a well-educated family and my mom is far off from the word educated, since she never ever went to school but i love her with all my hearts and she's the reason i am what i am now. eventhough my abah is excellent in English, i still have to learn since we never speaks English at home, like some families would do and i-

okay, and now im rambling, haisyh.

lets move on...

so, since the news that breaks the heart of many middle-class families like mine, that the electricity tariff has been increased by the government, because, lets face it, an election is coming, so my abah has introduce a new regulations on spending times on computers since computers is the source of our rapidly increasing electric bills (half of it came from my use) so, i have started to read. not that ive never read before, this time its like a full-time job. and ive been loving every second of it.

so, the first book I've read is the latest installation of the infamous shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. it is called Mini Shopaholic.

for me, i would say that this is just a good way to fill up your time. not in a omigod-its-so-freakin-fantastic-and-i-want-to-finish-it-tonight way, but it is more like well-i-need-to-finish-this-because-i-have-nothing-else-to-do way. its the same old same old annoying Rebecca Bloomword with her shopping addiction and her way of twisting everything and trying to make it all better. im kinda annoyed halfway through and if like that wasn't enough, her spoiled little Minnie which is the mini-her, who screams and points and throwing tantrums every second is turning into her. they will make the best mother-daughter shopaholic combo ever.

the second book Ive read is Can You Keep A Secret, another book by Sophie Kinsella.

well, this is waaayyy better than Mini Shopaholic. people may say its the cliche' love story but i love cliche' love stories. i know this is old news and i am totally late than everyone else but this book is worth to keep. at least i think so. hmm.

the third book is called Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles.

okay, this is the book. THE BOOK!. omigod i love this book so much. i keeps me wanting to read more. and as a result, i got uglayyy eye-bags today due to lack of sleep. i slept around 4 am this morning, and i still cant finished it since my eyes were literally beg me to let them close. and this morning i have to go to Klang to visit relatives, i am practically shivering to come home and continue reading it. its wonderful. and ive read some reviews saying that all books by this author are really good.

so, thats it. i hope IF you read these books, you will be as excited as me. and IF (thats a big-fat if) any of you are interested in downloading any of these books, PM me at my FB and ill post the links.

**and a major sorry to those who are requesting the links to the dramas ive post earlier, i will get to it within this week. not to worry, alright?

wassalam. =D