Tuesday, May 3, 2011

new drugs.

as some of you might know, i am "quite" a traditional malay girl who loves to cook, sew, bake, and anything that normal traditional malay women would do back in the days. my most recent love is crochet and knit. it started during last sem and my roomates can be the witnesses. ive knitted and crocheted several pieces along the way for me and my roomates.

in malaysia, there are limited stores that provide the tools for knitting and crocheting. there is one in bb plaza tapi nak cariknye, masyaAllah, patah kakiku. recently, i found this one online-store that provided all the tools that i need for my new hobbies . murah pon murah. so i ordered 12 pieces in 12 sizes crochet needles.

-the needles-

-a ball of yarn, free-

you must be wondering what ive made so far kan? (perasan lebih).
except for my roomates and my family, x dek sape penah tgk.
so, here there are. =D

-crochet: flowers connected together-

-knitted: phone case *knitted another 3 for my roomates-

-crochet: unfinished granny square-

-crochet: colorful scarf-

-crochet: poms poms-

-crochet: half a pair of mitten. mls nk start the other one. hihi-

-croheted bow with knitted headband-

-crochet: bow-

these are some of what i made. byk lagi, tp x tau mana depa pi. crik x jumpa. hihi.
buat mende ni sume memang best. meditative. korang boleh buat sambil tgk cite sebab die x perlu focus sgt. kene pandai kire je. hakhak.

so, thats it for today. sebab nk start project baru. =D