Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Egypt Opens 6 New Tombs, Including King Tut's General

"Egypt's top archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass announced Monday that the county will open a series of new tombs to the public, offering a never-before-seen glimpse of desert life thousands of years ago for the first time ever.

The six new tombs are located in the New Kingdom Cemetery in South Saqqara and include the tomb of Maya, who was the treasurer of King Tut, as well as the tomb of Horemheb, the general of King Tut who later became king.

Maya and Horhemb were very important men during one of Egypt’s most tumultuous periods, the Amarna Period, Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities explained in a press release announcing the opening of the tombs. During this time, the pharaoh Akhenaten closed Egypt’s most important temples in Luxor and moved the capitol to a site in the middle of the desert -- confusingly also called Akhetaten or Tell el-Amarna.

When Akhenaten the man died, his son Tutankhamen moved the religious capitol back to Luxor, reinstated the god Amun and abandoned the new site. To make all of these changes, King Tut needed the assistance of his treasurer and his general.

While his tomb was left unfinished, visitors will now be able to see the mudbrick pylon of Horemheb's tomb with relief fragments and courtyard images of Maya and his wife Merit, who was also buried in the tomb, receiving offerings.

Along with these two famous tombs, four other tombs will also be open to the public:

The tomb of Meryneith, steward of the temple of Aten during the reign of Akhenaten. His tomb is built of mudbrick encased in limestone blocks.

The tomb of Ptahemwia, the “Royal Butler, One of Clean Hands” to both Akhenaten and his son, Tutankhamen. Ptahemwia’s tomb is also mudbrick encased in limestone and contains three chapels. In one of these chapels, archaeologists team found 56 coffins from the New Kingdom.

The tomb of Tia- Tia, one of the top officials under Ramsess II. Tia’s tomb was also used as a mortuary temple to the god Osiris and contains depictions of Tia and his wife making a pilgrimage to Abydos, the cult center of Osiris.

The Tomb of Pay, one of Tutankhamen's men, and his son, Raia.

Some of these tombs were first discovered in 1843 but were not fully excavated until an Anglo-Dutch mission began digging there in 1975. "

** oh, how i WISH i am one of the team.

**just because i am being sexist bored right now.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

what i watch part I

i know its been a long time since the last post. i lead a verry borring and dull life, so nothing interesting to tell..
in this post, i just want to share on what ive been watching and downloading since semester break is like 4 months, and i dont have anything to do except laying around growing my belly (need to shed some of that) sighh~

*early warning: this is gonna be a very colorful, long post. follow through if you are interested in korean dramas, US series, animals, and colors. if not, please divert away~~and also if you dont mind my terrible English.

i will break the post into two; (i) korean stuffs (ii) english and american stuffs. the first part is going to be all about korea..
here we go.

1. Running Man

i love yoo jaesuk. every show he is hosting will be a hit. this is a quite new variety show replacing Family Outing and this is a REALLY funny show. as the name suggest, it basically just these men (plus a newly added girl) who are all celebrities running around chasing each other for the entire night. yes, the entire 12 hours. no sleep, people. no sleep.

2. Infinity Challenge

now, this is a recent show ive been watching for the past couple of months, and oh my god, it really is very very good. it started back in 2005 and the old episodes arent available, but then, most of old series arent. it is an unscripted reality show and it is really funny. i laugh at every second of it and my family started to get annoyed with me. (because of my laugh is really addictive as some might suggest and quite annoying but cute)

3. Happy Together

as some of you might starting to realize, ill admit it now. yes, yoo jae suk is my ultimate bias. i watched every show he's in. for those who subscribed to astro (the expensive package is not needed, the basic one will do), you guys can tune in to KBS World ch 391 every saturday at 11.40 pm. try to watch it.

4. Heroes

this is another variety show ive been watching but it has stopped because of rumored low ratings. but it is said that it will be back for second season. *fingers crossed*

enough with the varieties shows, lets move on to dramas ive been watching.

1. Lie to Me

this is a recent drama by SBS. i love yoon eun hye and that dude, *lazy to google his name*. funny drama.

2. The Greatest Love

this is also a very funny drama. now, look at the third man from left. can u guys believe that he is already 40+ years old? and oh, HE IS the main lead in this drama. not the other cute guy *which im falling in love with*.

these are all korean shows ive been watching as of late. and oh, another one, Night After Night which im in the subbing team, helping with timing the english subtitles. just because DAESUNG is MC-ing, i applied for the timer position. and oh, pleeeaaaasssee support us. go to the forum and register yourself, ok??

thats all for part I of what i watch, we'll meet again in part II, aite?

**some extra notes: IF you guys want any of the download links and english subtitles for any of the above shows, email me at doraemon_vs_ultraman@yahoo.com or PM me at my Facebook page at the sidebar (because i disabled my comments option). ill email it to you or post the links in another post. (IF im in the mood).

♥♥♥ this.

bye! =D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

new drugs.

as some of you might know, i am "quite" a traditional malay girl who loves to cook, sew, bake, and anything that normal traditional malay women would do back in the days. my most recent love is crochet and knit. it started during last sem and my roomates can be the witnesses. ive knitted and crocheted several pieces along the way for me and my roomates.

in malaysia, there are limited stores that provide the tools for knitting and crocheting. there is one in bb plaza tapi nak cariknye, masyaAllah, patah kakiku. recently, i found this one online-store that provided all the tools that i need for my new hobbies . murah pon murah. so i ordered 12 pieces in 12 sizes crochet needles.

-the needles-

-a ball of yarn, free-

you must be wondering what ive made so far kan? (perasan lebih).
except for my roomates and my family, x dek sape penah tgk.
so, here there are. =D

-crochet: flowers connected together-

-knitted: phone case *knitted another 3 for my roomates-

-crochet: unfinished granny square-

-crochet: colorful scarf-

-crochet: poms poms-

-crochet: half a pair of mitten. mls nk start the other one. hihi-

-croheted bow with knitted headband-

-crochet: bow-

these are some of what i made. byk lagi, tp x tau mana depa pi. crik x jumpa. hihi.
buat mende ni sume memang best. meditative. korang boleh buat sambil tgk cite sebab die x perlu focus sgt. kene pandai kire je. hakhak.

so, thats it for today. sebab nk start project baru. =D