Monday, May 17, 2010

graduan oh graduan

Something is bumming me lately. i seriously annoyed by the fact that i discovered like 2 days ago that the reality show that I hated the most in the world, fantasy academy, (or...u translate sendiri) called its alumni (“ex students” of the academy), graduates. GRADUATES!!

I’ve been working my brain off for 5 years to be call a graduate, yet u can be a graduate by entering this no good talent show and singing like crap for what, 8, 9 weeks and u call yourselves graduates???!!!

Make me thinking if I should just quit my study and enter this show and call myself a graduate in less than a year. It would be easier and popular-er.

For me, the title "graduate" is….. holy, can I say holy?. im not saying that those who did not further their studies (like some “students” of this ACADEMY) are stupid or anything, I AM NOT AN ARROGANT PERSON, i can assure u that, i may be a hypocrite, but arrogant is not my meal. what I mean is that the title belongs to the people who spend 3-6 years, eating crap to save money, dealing with teenage dramas (friends and boyfriends), studying like hell for finals, leaving their family and be independent for 2-3 months just to get a roll of paper which may not meant anything for some people, but for us, for the people who are busting their asses off, it meant the world, a future. a future that no academy with so much fantasy could give.

Sure, after “graduated” from this show, u are the most popular people in the world, kalah Angelina jolie, alah, macam mawi tuh, boleh jln sane sini…wedding pon org sponsor…jadi host, jd wartawan yang kalu org cam kite ni kene ade at least diploma..jd jutawan segera..but really, is that all that matters? Money and fame? Seriously? These are all just a short time pleasure. Before you know it, you akan masok tv3 begging for money to pay for your health care. Like some of the so-called graduates from this show, even my sister who constantly watching this show doesn’t know who they are. Isn’t that pathetic?

I am not a speaker. I am not a writer. I don’t know how to give my opinions. I am all quite during classes, don’t even have the nerve to answer questions even if I know the answers. I really don’t like to hurt anyone’s feeling. I am a really, really lazy person who will study like, a day before or a few hours before the exam and maybe u can say that I am not worthy to be call a graduate but for those who’ve been studying like 24 hours a day is not enough and their efforts are worth every penny that their parents spend, this is an insult. Some things are worth fighting for, and this is one of the things.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

rice rolls/sushi/kimbab

i made kimbab the other day. in case u wouldn't believe me, here's the picture:

x cantik sangat kan? tp best gile. hihi

Monday, May 3, 2010

just read perezhilton, and did u know that the song Telephone (gaga and beyonce), is originally made for britney spears by, well, gaga herself. and britney passed the song! and im listening to the brit brit's version of the song and i can say its cool enough and its a shame she passed it in the first place, and now the song is like, everywhere.