Saturday, December 19, 2009

what could be the title of this post, i wonder.

as i go through my facebook,
my blog,
others' blogs,
there's one thing, no no, two things that came across my mind.

it is so funny how friends will seek you and remember you when they need help with something, or in pain, or sad;
and even funnier when they leave you out or forget about you when it is time for suka suka.
these two facts are so funny, i laugh my head off until tears came out like rain and my breath became short and i think if i laugh for another 2 minutes, I'll die of suffocation. *its not like that actually, its a metaphor*

and another thing i realized.
having to lose a best friend is painful than having to lose a boyfriend.
to lose a boyfriend, may it takes time, but u will get over it.
to lose a best friend in the other hand, takes a lifetime to get over.

i am frustrated till at some point, i think that there's no good in having best friends.
when they do something frustrating, u will get hurt like a thousand knife came through your back.

and you know what?
its fun when you have friends to share something with, and stick by your side through good times;
it is still fun when you have friends that cannot stick through sad times with you, but they still concern about you;
it is still fun when you have friends that remember you even when they are apart from you;
but it is NOT FUN AT ALL when you have friends that claimed to love you bla bla bla crap but leave you out in every suka suka times.

im a burden, i know.
i dont mind it, at all.
but still, some considerations needed.

i know that this post might make some people like
"oh, she is too emotional"
but here is the thing, have you ever seen me being emotional?
i have never ever jadi moody ke, tetibe nak marah ke, x penah rasenye.
i never have a diary to write to,
i can write this shit in a piece of paper, and then tore it apart, but thats it.
so, i write here so that it will never be deleted until the world of computers get infected by some viruses that delete all my posts.
so i will remember this all the time.

for those who might get terasa or whatever,
im not being emotional, im not mad, im not annoyed, im just frustrated.
and ill be normal as soon as i finish with this.
ill write "im out" at the end of this post,
and ill be syira again.
the cheerful one.

so, thats it.

oh oh,
aku dh ade cite series yg dh bape lame x download. muahahaha.
gile byk nk tgk kn,
research x start lg nih. haisyh.
literature pon belum di"review" lg.
byk sgt keje.
pastu genting lg,
perak lg,
good though, it will take my mind off of unnecessary things.

thats it.
till then,

im out. =D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

result oh result.


esok result kuar...!!!!
cuak ke?

x cuak pon, cume nti mls nk kene dengar bebelan mak ngn abah membahan...