Tuesday, November 24, 2009

new moon, im over the moon. :)

just watched new moon,
and it is FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

better than twilight, though byk dr buku x masok.
and its understandable, kalu nk msok sume dlm buku, maunye 8 jam cite tuh.
and sape x bace bukunye, susah nak faham kot,
so read the book and watch the damn movie, coz its sooo worth it!!

better than a christmas carol i just watched.
and and jacob's body,
and quil's and paul's and sam's..
ohmy, ohmy,
sepanjang movie x pki baju,
gile cuci mata kan.


*until u read "midnight sun" la kan,
and u will switched team, i promise u.
and and bile la midnight sun nk kuar??
lama dh den menunggu ni.

kudos to the director, and thank you abah kerana telah menabur tenaga jari untuk mendownload ntok saya.