Wednesday, September 23, 2009

no title.

its been.....what? 4 days since we celebrated raya?
yeah, 4 days.
4 freaking days.
hows raya to me?
its the same like any other days, except that there are people coming to my house, mak masak rendang yg sgt bnyk, dpatla duit raya singgit, dua..that's it. nothing more.
i fill my time mostly infront of computer. no one to visit since im too old to go "beraya" and since we celebrated raya in kl this year with abah's family (which is small, like, really small) so, there are no "makcik" or "pakcik" that we can visit. hmmph. x syok la raya kt kl....

oh, except for the second day of raya. weehuuu..
syok gila. balik peghok. (perak)
mandi sungai, mkn manggis, which is a big yay to me and my siblings because we do not experience that "kampung" environment since like, ever.
mandi sungai paling syok. i became the victim of my uncle and amat's mud war. the mud isn't gross, btw.

and today, we went to catch a movie at alamanda. JINNOTI.
the movie is a BIG PIECE OF CRAP!!!
i wonder how the director got that idea.
its disturbing.
but i still went to watch that crap and throw away my money, why?
because, my dear friends, adik-adikku nak sgt tgk cite tu and we are like the three musketeers,
"all for one and one for all."
even my siblings pon menyesal.
ingtkn best. melayu memng suka buat cite pelik2.
and fara fauzana??
when i read the poster, i thought, oh maybe pompan ni just supporting actress kot, ghupe-ghupenye, main character of the movie.
i cant bear to watch.
lagila weyh, jd hero. and in one scene of the movie, fara said "sy suka la mata awk, cantik".
cantik kebendenya weyh? merah je mcm hero cite tamil yang gemok tuh.
i know, the movie is trying to deliver a good message that whatever we do, intention is important, but then, x leh ke buat cite yang masok akal sket?

dengan skrip yang ntah pape, pelakon yang pelik2, it is supposed to be a comedy, but i think the only time i laugh (not the my-heart-is-going-to-burst-out laugh) is when nabil appeared in the movie.
he is such a savior. for his, what, 3 minutes scene, berbaloi 3 ringgit duit aku.
the rest of the scenes make me want to throw something at the screen and storm out.
again, because of the sibling-hood that i have, i stayed for the whole 1 and a half hour. the one and a half freaking hour!!!!

my assgnmnts x berusik pon.
mls btol la nk buat.
sedang mendownload house season 6. yayh!!!
sudah start tgk gossip girl season3, 90210 season 2, america's next top model cycle 13. coming soon: how i met ur mother season5 and one tree hill season 7. cant wait!!!

bye bye for now.

*and please please please jgn tgk cite jinnoti tu kalu korg x nak rase ditipu. haha.