Monday, September 14, 2009


tons to say,
but too lazy to write.

so, the summary:
3rd sept - ade class presentation, a well done job, i would say.
5th sept- went to masjid jamek and then klcc to break fast, so damn tired.
6th sept - class kereta, bo~~~~~~ring!! nk mampos
7th sept - ke time square, dpt kasot satu, yay!! and watched final destination (if covering my eyes is called watching la kan) tp berbuka while standing at kfc kl sentral.
8th sept - class ethics cm biase.
9th sept - class soca, science of hadith and aqidah cm biase.
10th sept - no class at all!!! penat ku bangun awal.. and later that day, i went home for hari raya holidays!!

11th sept until now - bermalas-malasan di rumah. oh, kene mengecat la ini malam. mls tol.

bye la. :)