Tuesday, July 7, 2009

team edward??

so, ive read "midnight sun, edward's story.", the one after breaking dawn by stephenie meyer.
all 4 previous books are based on bella's point of view and a little bit on jacob's.

but this book is based on edward's point of view.
and it is a-ma-zing.
and weird because how much a book can change your view.

when i was reading all 4 previous books, eh, no no, starting new moon, im on jacob's team.
now, after i read midnight sun, im definitely on edward's team.
bak kate org melayu, aku ni kire cm lalang la. haha

this latest book tells many thoughts of people in the story. (as u know, edward can read minds).
and, its quite a shock, u know, after knowing what jessica (bella's friend in school) thought about her, and what mike (the one who have crush on bella) thinks.

but then, ive read only the partial draft.
so, its not complete and it left me hanging.
waiting for the real book to come out.
cant wait!!

love u edward cullen and robert pattinson!!!!