Friday, July 17, 2009

first week of new semester.

so, its been a week since re-admission to my beloved university.
nothing much happened.

oh, i got great roomates, which is a big yay!
but but on the down side, tingkat 4 woah bilikku.
everyday, we have to climb 60 stairs.
60! but looking on the bright side, its a good exercise regime,
except for hanim and sofia, dh la kurus melidi, lg la kering kontang nanti.

one thing, i got to meet my friends who i have not meet for over a year.
and it is good to be a senior. haha
juniors are all over the campus with the taaruf bag, so cute. (btw, taaruf is orientation)
and we have a good laugh looking at the juniors, with the matric card, dress code and all. so funny.

and for the past few days, we (me and my roomates) have nothing for desert except rambutan.
we eat rambutan until we got stomach-ache. haha

and as for the lectures and the lecturers, alhamdulillah..
some lecturers are..u know, like 50-50.
there is a new lecturer for intro to sociology, a new, brand new lecturer.
he just became a lecturer and on last monday was his first time teaching.
and im not so fond of this guy.
he acted like he never was a student before.
and a former uia student at that.
maybe he is just enjoying his power he just possesed.
acting all strict and garang garang.
nyampah aku.

and its kind of a bummer that ptptn x masok lg.
aku dh ah tgh broke.
cpt la masok ptptn... geram aku.

and i arranged my schedule per-fect-ly!!
classes on thursdays will finish at 11.30 am, no classes on fridays, and classes on mondays begins only at 12pm.
cool huh??!!
so much free times, and i promise to use them wisely (as if).

and and i havent major in anything yet.
penin la aku.
ntah nak amek history ke, political science ke.
mls tol nk fikir. hmmph.
next sem jela fikir.