Friday, June 12, 2009

twilight fever.

twilight survey.

Team Edward or Jacob?

Vampire or Werewolf?

Live forever with the one you love even though its not safe for them, or leave them for the better?

Favorite Twilight character?
jacob black, for sure. and renesmee.

Least favorite Twilight character?

Favorite couple?
-jacob and renesmee. and quil and claire. ;)

Least favorite couple?
-james and victoria

Would you rather have super strength, super speed, or read minds?
-read minds.

Who do you like better? Female Twilight characters, or male?
-male la.

Favorite book in the series?
-breaking dawn.

Least favorite book in the series?

Do you like the romance or the action better?

Favorite line or passage from the books?
- 'Edward leaned his head against the same shoulder he'd placed Renesmee. "goodbye, Jacob, my brother......myson".' (breaking dawn, chapter 37)

Are you looking forward to the movie?/What do you think of the movie?
-yes, for sure. the movie can be longer, i think as it did not covers every moments in the book. but i dont care, i love it!!