Sunday, June 28, 2009


friends, what for?
whats the use?

-i think mostly to share problems.
-to stay connected forever

well, thats what I have been doing. Constantly calling, messaging..
my friends? not so much i think.

they have myspace, yourspace or whatever space that they have, but do they really use it?
ive never been angry to my friends. let alone my best friend!!!
but i really am feeling angry, frustrated, annoyed and want-to-punch-that-friend's-face.

you, who the hell do u think u are?
think i cant live if u aren’t my friend??
u never done anything good for me, but i still considered u one of my best friends.
after what we've been through together, this is how u treat me??
really, i don’t even like u anymore.
i don’t want to keep u for myself, ok? but then, every plans, every vacations, u planned with the other friends, have u told me??
no, i don’t think so.
instead, i have to hear all "your great plans" from someone else?
and that someone is not even your best friend!! until recently, yeah??

for the specific ms. my best friend, i don’t considered u one of my best friend anymore.
i don’t care.
ive loved u, but u never did reply the love.
and really, this is not a lesbian talk.
i really loved u, my former best friend.
but u showed me you are not worth it.
i never feel this upset before.
i dont even care if my boyfriend is cheating on me.
but u, u really........aaarrrrggghhh!!!!
im so mad i cant even think a word.

and, and,
ure still my friend.
that’s it.