Sunday, June 28, 2009


friends, what for?
whats the use?

-i think mostly to share problems.
-to stay connected forever

well, thats what I have been doing. Constantly calling, messaging..
my friends? not so much i think.

they have myspace, yourspace or whatever space that they have, but do they really use it?
ive never been angry to my friends. let alone my best friend!!!
but i really am feeling angry, frustrated, annoyed and want-to-punch-that-friend's-face.

you, who the hell do u think u are?
think i cant live if u aren’t my friend??
u never done anything good for me, but i still considered u one of my best friends.
after what we've been through together, this is how u treat me??
really, i don’t even like u anymore.
i don’t want to keep u for myself, ok? but then, every plans, every vacations, u planned with the other friends, have u told me??
no, i don’t think so.
instead, i have to hear all "your great plans" from someone else?
and that someone is not even your best friend!! until recently, yeah??

for the specific ms. my best friend, i don’t considered u one of my best friend anymore.
i don’t care.
ive loved u, but u never did reply the love.
and really, this is not a lesbian talk.
i really loved u, my former best friend.
but u showed me you are not worth it.
i never feel this upset before.
i dont even care if my boyfriend is cheating on me.
but u, u really........aaarrrrggghhh!!!!
im so mad i cant even think a word.

and, and,
ure still my friend.
that’s it.


Monday, June 15, 2009

hanim hanim!!

hanim, i hope ure reading this.

weyh, x mengapela psl plan g pd tuh.
aku g ahd ni ah..
ko pon x blik lg kn?
so nevermind la..
lainkali sahaje..

(ni namenye dh desperate sgt x dek kedit, tp still mls nk topup. haha. mls nk melayan certain someone. bodo nye certain someone.)

ok hanim, bye. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

twilight fever.

twilight survey.

Team Edward or Jacob?

Vampire or Werewolf?

Live forever with the one you love even though its not safe for them, or leave them for the better?

Favorite Twilight character?
jacob black, for sure. and renesmee.

Least favorite Twilight character?

Favorite couple?
-jacob and renesmee. and quil and claire. ;)

Least favorite couple?
-james and victoria

Would you rather have super strength, super speed, or read minds?
-read minds.

Who do you like better? Female Twilight characters, or male?
-male la.

Favorite book in the series?
-breaking dawn.

Least favorite book in the series?

Do you like the romance or the action better?

Favorite line or passage from the books?
- 'Edward leaned his head against the same shoulder he'd placed Renesmee. "goodbye, Jacob, my brother......myson".' (breaking dawn, chapter 37)

Are you looking forward to the movie?/What do you think of the movie?
-yes, for sure. the movie can be longer, i think as it did not covers every moments in the book. but i dont care, i love it!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn = best gile!!



*saje je nk jerit.
aku suke nk mampos mamat ni. ketawa die, fuh mengancam siot. haha.
bile bace sume buku twilight (twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn), aku mesti menggambrkn muke die (as edward cullen) of course. tp aku x suke edward cullen, aku suke jacob black!!
jacob, im rooting for u eventhough bella and edward got married and have a daughter in the end. and their daughter is sickly weird (given the fact that she is half vampire, half human).

p/s: for those who havent read all the twilight books yet, and read my post, im sorry if ive spilled the ending. the ending is ridiculously AMAZING!!
good job stephenie meyer!!!!