Friday, May 8, 2009

survey 1

soo, i was browsing and found this survey. and in future, there will be a lot more surveys.

the title is "what would u do if"

1. Stranded in a forest alone
- im gonna pretend that im dead and lay still until im really dead or someone's come and save me.

2. Sensed someone stalking you
- hire a bodyguard. haha. as if.

3. You suddenly developed superhuman strength
- join x men or fantastic four la, ape lg.. haha

4. You saw a dead cat
-sprint 100 metres. im scared of carcasses

5.You saw a dead human

6.Someone anonymously send a love note
-haha. firstly, i would blush, and crazily, start asking.

7.You become blind
-keep my faith strong and go through life normally

8. Your car breaks down beside a graveyard
- again, pretend im dead and close my eyes until abah datang.

9. Your bestfriend calls you at 4am
- firstly, tanye asal weyh? then lyn je la..

10. Someone kept staring at you
-stare at him/her back.

11. Someone ate your lunch
- uuuhhh.. u dont wanna mess with me.

12. You're at a stranger's funeral
- what am i doing at a stranger's funeral? sedara sendiri pon aku x nk g.

13. A horse came chasing after you
- run or climb the nearest tree.

anyway, this survey is just to fill out my boring time. haha