Saturday, May 9, 2009

new hobby

ya, today i think i got a new hobbyyy..
its ping pong (or in english table tennis).
quite fun, if u know how to play it
im a beginner, so, not really good at it.
but its really fun.

me, mysis, mybro and mydad (well of course, he's the coach) went to precint 9's multipurpose hall and rent a table for two hours.
and we played for the whole two hours. aha. well, not we, only mydad and mybro kind of like really into the game, while my sis and i were laughing all the time. funny.

because we really buzy playing the game (which we aren't, the proof, we brought camera!)
i only got to snap two pictures..

and i think ping pong is really good for your energy
i played for like, what?, five minutes, and im sweating like hell.
its good to maintain ur figure also, well that is if u got a hot body like mine. kidding.

enough said, here are the proof of us kunun-kununye playing like experts. :)

haha, im wearing liverpool shirt, go liverpool, yay!.

thats all. daa. :)