Wednesday, May 13, 2009

interview day. :)

today, its the open interviews for Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.
about 600 vacancies up for grab (by grab, i didnt mean u can just grab it, cause its like 8 thousand people were there this morning).

the vacancies are divided into three;
for those who have degrees or higher, and
for those who have stpm and diplomas, and
for those who have spm.

and i went there why?
(u might ask cause im still studying, why would i, u know, getting cooked under the hot sun just to get a chance of interview while my work era does not begin until 3 years ahead..)
well, here's the reason. because of a great sister i am, i was there to accompany my sister for the interview.
and my cousin was there too.. so, family first.

and now i've really realised of just how many "penanam-anggur" in malaysia.
even degree's holder.
and people of KPM arent very nice, u know.
they just yell and yell at us.
so sad looking at the "bijak-pandai" getting yelled at by someone who does not even have great results in their SPM.
not to be arrogant or anything, but a person deserved to be treated with respect.
not "ko ni x layak, kenape dtg sini" or "dh, balik balik, x layak". kuang asam tol.

and i went home earlier than the others because of my "puteri lilin-ness".
sadly, im too damn angry and preoccupied with other things and cant get any pictures.
but, i can tell u this, we went there 8.15 in the morning, and the lines of the "calon pekerja" was covering the entire school because the interview was held at this school and its KPM and u know.
and my cousin arrived at my house at 7 pm, so u may visualize how many people went for the interview.

i've been babling and did not notice what time is it already, so adios. :)