Wednesday, February 11, 2009

well, today me, tika, fia n anim went to time square...again.
haha. favourite place tu..
we went to see this one friend of sofia named maanu (a guy from india). gle cute bile die ckp malay...
he is cute n adorable. and he bring along one friend, (whom younger than us = disappointed).
his friend is syafiq. a malay guy. bdk punk tu.. but he didn't stay long. band lg penting katenye, s0 lantakla.
ktorg smpi kul 7 cmtu, blik tiket movie benjamin button yg start kul 8.30. then, org tu ckp cite tu abis kol 11 lbey. gle ah. tp dh terbeli, tgk jela.
and we ended up tgk cite tu sejam je.. sdey.. tkot x dek tren...
so ktorg blik la dlm kul 10.30 cmtu..
unfortunately, lupe bwk gmbr.. so next time i'll post.