Friday, December 12, 2008

bersuka ria bersama kawan kawan.

today was fun. i just got back from alamanda. i went there to have fun with my mates. there were 5 of us: athira, atien, nad, jue n me. we watched this new movie called "the day the earth stood still". a good movie i would say. and even if the movie sucked, i'd watch it because the HOTTEST actor, KEANU REEVES is the main actor. oh, he is very hot. i would recommend it. enough with the texts, here is our pictures.. :)


location: parkson's escalator.

location: parkson's fitting room.

location: alamanda's park.

location: alamanda's park ii

oh we ARE PATRIOTIC. haha.

our butts.

there are many other photos but im quiet lazy to upload it.
that's all.
sekian, terima kasih

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

oh today i wanna tell u all about my babies.
i hve about 40-50 babies. they are soo cute.
they come in the morning, i feed them, n in the evening they come again, for a second meal.
they are just adorable.
they hear when i call them n they will come to me as quick as they can.
very2 cute. enough braggin about my babies, let me introduce u to them. here they are:

aren't they cute?

well, there you are. there are all my babies. i loove them. i enjoy seeing them eat n fight with each other. i told u i am a nature's lover.

Monday, December 8, 2008

today is raya n i'm very boring.
waitin for my downloads to finish-God knows when.
and my headache is killing me. i think i need to wear glasses.

Monday, December 1, 2008

what a day!

oh, today is crazy. i just look at my final exam result n guess what? it's TERRIBLE!! i have to repeat 2 subjects which is a waste of time. the lesson: dont be too lazy to study, or u'll get bad results, like mine.

and as if that is not enough, my wallet had gone missing! stress aku!! geram btol. n i have to make a police report n it is quite difficult. n i have to call the banks to cancel my atm card, n my matric card is gone too. all my important documents has 'gone with the wind'.


Monday, November 24, 2008

tv shows.

Today, i would like to share all my favorite TV shows.

1. The Discovery Channel.
(astro channel 551)
oh, i love this channel so much. before subscribing to astro, i always watch this program on tv3, but now, the full channel. i'm so exited. so many knowledge i can get through this channel.
and my fav series in this channel are:

i: Dirty Jobs
this series is about a man named Mike Rowe. he is a..i don’t know what his actual job is, but his job in this series is to find the dirtiest job in America and try to do that job. he did every dirty job, from cleaning the sewage, (yew) until making snakes puke (double yew). he is so funny. i love this series.

ii:Man vs Wild
this series is craaazy. it is about a man named Bear Grylls, a former army in Special Air Service, a special forces unit of the British army. the objective of this show is to educate people on how to survive if u r stranded in a solitary place. he would show all sorts of things that u can do if u r alone in a stranded place. once, he drink his own urine because there is no water. how crazy is that?? try to watch it. u'll enjoy.

and also, if u are a nature's lover and always curious about the wonders of this earth, i would like to suggest u to watch the discovery channel planet earth. it is a 11 episodes series featuring every single animal in this earth and how they associates with mother nature to survive. it is amazing. this series took 5 years to make and u'll certainly be amazed on how wonderful the earth is. u can view the preview here and to read new discovery on this earth, u can visit this page

2. National Geographic Channel
(astro channel 553)
this is one of the knowledge goldmine in this world. my God, so many knowledge we can gain from this channel. i love all shows in this channel. from sciences, to animals, to even history. i love it, love it, lovvveeee it.

3. History Channel
(astro channel 555)
as it name, it shows only histories. no other thing. but, the histories in this channel is sooo cool and amazing. for example, the Monster Quest series. do you believe in Bigfoot? or UFOs? or Lochness Monster? if u do, this is the series you must watch. they (the historians) will do researches, experiments to answer your questions about these magical creatures, or is it myths? they will try to track down (if there is those creatures). it is a really good series.

enough with the educational series, move on to pleasure series.

i love this shows..
1. NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigation Service). - latest season: season 5
2. One Tree Hill.- latest season: season 6
3. Gossip Girl.- latest season: season 2
4. Friends.- 10 seasons.
5.How I Met Your Mother.- latest season: season 4
6. Survivor.- latest season: season 17
7. America's Next Top Model.- latest season: season 11
8. House M.D.- latest season: season 5
you can download this tv shows at MININOVA.

and oh, i watch animes.
my mum always said; "ko ni asek tgk kartun je, nti x dek laki nk kt ko bru tau."
and i always said; "bia ah" haha.
list of my fav animes:

1. One Piece
2. Naruto
3. Shaman King
4. Bleach
5. Fruit Basket.
6. Full Metal Alchemist
7. Soul Eater
8. School Rumble
you can download these animes at MININOVA and ANIME EDEN.

And now you know why i never feel bored at home during holidays.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

first time.

uh, hye all.
this is my first time writing a blog.
my name is siti nur syahirah.
i'm 19 this year.
i'm staying at putrajaya but my university's hostel is my second home for now.
still studying at international islamic university malaysia.
i'm a good girl (hihi).