Friday, December 12, 2008

bersuka ria bersama kawan kawan.

today was fun. i just got back from alamanda. i went there to have fun with my mates. there were 5 of us: athira, atien, nad, jue n me. we watched this new movie called "the day the earth stood still". a good movie i would say. and even if the movie sucked, i'd watch it because the HOTTEST actor, KEANU REEVES is the main actor. oh, he is very hot. i would recommend it. enough with the texts, here is our pictures.. :)


location: parkson's escalator.

location: parkson's fitting room.

location: alamanda's park.

location: alamanda's park ii

oh we ARE PATRIOTIC. haha.

our butts.

there are many other photos but im quiet lazy to upload it.
that's all.
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