Friday, December 12, 2008

bersuka ria bersama kawan kawan.

today was fun. i just got back from alamanda. i went there to have fun with my mates. there were 5 of us: athira, atien, nad, jue n me. we watched this new movie called "the day the earth stood still". a good movie i would say. and even if the movie sucked, i'd watch it because the HOTTEST actor, KEANU REEVES is the main actor. oh, he is very hot. i would recommend it. enough with the texts, here is our pictures.. :)


location: parkson's escalator.

location: parkson's fitting room.

location: alamanda's park.

location: alamanda's park ii

oh we ARE PATRIOTIC. haha.

our butts.

there are many other photos but im quiet lazy to upload it.
that's all.
sekian, terima kasih

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

oh today i wanna tell u all about my babies.
i hve about 40-50 babies. they are soo cute.
they come in the morning, i feed them, n in the evening they come again, for a second meal.
they are just adorable.
they hear when i call them n they will come to me as quick as they can.
very2 cute. enough braggin about my babies, let me introduce u to them. here they are:

aren't they cute?

well, there you are. there are all my babies. i loove them. i enjoy seeing them eat n fight with each other. i told u i am a nature's lover.

Monday, December 8, 2008

today is raya n i'm very boring.
waitin for my downloads to finish-God knows when.
and my headache is killing me. i think i need to wear glasses.

Monday, December 1, 2008

what a day!

oh, today is crazy. i just look at my final exam result n guess what? it's TERRIBLE!! i have to repeat 2 subjects which is a waste of time. the lesson: dont be too lazy to study, or u'll get bad results, like mine.

and as if that is not enough, my wallet had gone missing! stress aku!! geram btol. n i have to make a police report n it is quite difficult. n i have to call the banks to cancel my atm card, n my matric card is gone too. all my important documents has 'gone with the wind'.